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Children with special needs are learning through music.


In fiscal year 2018-2019, Connecting Thru Music provided learning through music with board certified music therapists and music teachers to over 160 children. In this fiscal year, we are currently providing a music program which consists of 2 classes with a board certified music therapist and 1 class with a  music teacher per week to over 180 students with moderate to severe special needs. Each class is based on the therapists assessment, and includes goals, curriculum and core words. Music Therapists have a minimum of a 4 year university degree, are board certified and undergo a six month internship. Many music therapists have a masters degree or higher.


In addition, due to the generosity of the City of Jacksonville and the Kids Hope Alliance, CTM is able to provide music therapy in after-school meetings, as well as summer and holiday camps to an additional 100+ students. Music therapy is a data-driven, research based modality which has proved efficacy for children with special needs. Many of these children have severe medical, physical, cognitive, social and emotional difficulties. Learning with a music therapist is an effective way to greatly impact the quality of life and learning for these very special children.


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